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They keep asking me how I’m coming man
I keep telling em man
I’m coming TRIM
We just touched down in Vegas
Know what I mean

Blew a bag in Vegas (I did)
100K painless (regular)
Back-to-back foreigns (skrrr)
Gang coming dangerous
Real steppa
Red bottoms
Bleeding on the pavement
Dinner in the sky
My assistant make arrangements
Bosses at the table
Rich nigga engagements
Dinner was amazing
Had to tip the waitress
Don’t really carry cash
So it’s AMEX when I pay shit (facts)
It’s a flex everytime I make a payment
I’m working out and eating right
My body needed maintenance (ooouuu)
Got the Devil out me
God was the replacement
And my energy is green
And my aura is contagious
I don’t really read
But I read body language
Tighten up my circle
I kicked out the weirdos
We leveled up
We went from the villains to the heroes
Trench baby
Still be in the field like a scarecrow
And we stand on business
Suit and tie like Sopranos
Shining from wrist
To my neck
To my earlobe
I don’t tuck my chain (no)
Never duck and flame (no)
I could have got his head
But I tell my shooters aim low
Karma is a bitch
So he still gonna feel that pain though
I just landed in the towns
Caddy truck making rounds
Shrimp and grits for lunch
Money meetings in the lounge
In the booth right now
That’s my cubans making sounds
Still love a thick bitch
But I only want her if she brown
We back to making ooouuuvies
With a baddie in the two seat
Bitches on my body
But these niggas be the groupies
I done changed my ways
Now I’m praying for the goofies

Dear Lord
Please watch over these fuck niggas
I could have put a hundred on his kufi
2024 Range
Big body doofy
I don’t wear Gucci
Mmm mmm
Rhude me
I’m the big red
And every nigga with me goonie

Hold on let me count the money
You know when I win
And I’m gonna win again
Keep asking on how I’m coming man
I’m coming TRIM

Getting focused
Probably somewhere getting my pockets loaded
Locked and loaded
Just in case he think that I ain’t scopin (I see him)
Brody be like nigga watchin (duh)
Like I ain’t notice
I see the looks
I see the motion
I see all emotions
I see them niggas posted
But we posted too
I mean if it’s an issue
And you official
What you wanna do?
Ain’t got to brag about getting money
Because that’s nothing new (facts)
Ain’t got to brag about a smooch
Because she’s just something to do (ooouuu)
But anyways what you doing Ma
Umm getting paid (hello)
It’s like why I gotta keep on talking
This uh, been explained
I don’t never feel a way
That’s why they feel a way
I put all my ops to shame
They should feel ashamed
How you went against the grain
You fucking renegade (weirdo)
These niggas with lying lips
Trying to speak your name
I remember when I didn’t have it and I didn’t complain
I just grabbed the car keys and I picked the lane

Got a shorty that I love
And I know she feel the same
I used to move on faster than I could flip a page
I get hoes because I’m smooth like when the liquor age
Don’t be surprised if you see my on her finster page (ooouuu)
Toss out the white forces when they get a stain
I been the shit
I bring the drip
Like I predicted rain
Champagne for the pain
Kush for the brain
Got 42 racks on me baby
We paid

Hold on let me count the money
You know when I win
And I’m gonna win again
Keep asking on how I’m coming man
I’m coming TRIM