Truly!!! I Faced Stigma as Fela’s Son, – Seun Kuti

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Renowned Nigerian artist Seun Kuti has revealed that during his upbringing, he faced social stigma due to his association with Fela Kuti. In a recent interview, Seun Kuti elaborated on how being the offspring of the Afrobeat trailblazer influenced his connection with actress Iyabo Ojo. He emphasized the challenges he encountered, citing an example where he couldn’t visit his girlfriend’s father’s home. According to him, the animosity was intense, and he asserted that his late father was unjustly targeted despite having done nothing to warrant such hostility.

He said:

“Growing up, I was stigmatized for being Fela’s son. I couldn’t even enter my girlfriend’s father’s house. Even on the street, people would always point at me and say, ‘See Fela pikin.’ It was annoying because my father didn’t do anything.
“Now, these killers, murderers, corrupt thieves that their actions are killing millions of Nigerians every day, you are willing to be in party with them and hail them. We need to check ourselves.”